Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Night Results: Round 1

I apologize in advance for the disjointedness of this post. I'm flipping channels between American Idol, Survivor, and Lost. :o)

Well, I called it close with (Leif) Garrett Haley. I thought for sure he'd have the teeny/tweeny vote. Then again, it's probably split several ways right now. Think David Archuleta, Jason Castro, Luke Menard (Orlando Bloom), and Michael Johns (Aussie accent).

I called it right with Amy Davis.

What was up with the "half-time show"? I wasn't impressed. Paula's voice was so distorted by synthesizers and whatnot, there's no way to tell what she really sounds like. I'd like to hear Simon's thoughts...

So close! Amanda Overmyer was in the spotlight with Joanne Borgella, but she was the safe one. I hate to see Joanne go...

It came down between Chikezie and Colton Berry, who left. I'm surprised that he went this soon. (They should have put Kyle through...) At least all my favorite guys are still in.

I won't spill the beans about Survivor, but I will say I was disappointed in tonight's outcome.

Time to run. A new episode of Lost is coming on.

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