Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #19

I've got some carry-overs from last week to work into this week's menu, which means some of the things I had planned for this week will be shifted to my March menu. I just have to decide what to keep and what to move...

I made my first homemade lasagna last week! I know that probably sounds crazy coming from me, but it's true. I love a good lasagna, but I always thought it was complicated to make. Besides, frozen lasagnas are pretty good. They aren't as good as homemade, though, so I finally tried it. We all loved it! Good thing, too, because we ate it with a couple from church on Wednesday night and again on Thursday night. Billy ate the last of it Friday night. I have a little more tweaking to do with the recipe before it's ready for Ashley's Cafe, though...

Here's this week's menu:

Monday: Easy Omelets for a Group
Jacob will get all his ingredients separately...

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup
One of those things I didn't get to last week...

Wednesday: Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad, cherry limeade
This is a new Pampered Chef recipe that I'm wanting to try. Well, I've tried it already and I love it; I want my family to try it.

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: potluck
I have a cooking show: Baked Potato Soup and Easy Apple Crisp.

Saturday: Blackened Tilapia, rice, steamed broccoli
Another one of those things I didn't get to last week...

Sunday: sandwiches

For more great menu ideas, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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