Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idol 24: Girls' Round 1

Well, I had issues setting my TV to record Wednesday night's American Idol. I was trying to figure it out, then I got distracted and totally forgot about it until we were eating dinner with our guests. I tried to peer around one of them to see if the lights on the bottom of the TV were on, but I couldn't lean too far without being obvious. Later I noticed the lights weren't on. No AI.

I had an idea that I might be able to find the episode online, so I checked the American Idol website and found the video portion. Of course, the girls' performances weren't uploaded yet, but at least I'd be able to see how they did. The only part of the actual show that I was able to catch was the very end where Simon talked about how the girls did a little better than the guys had done.

Here are my thoughts on the girls' performances, ordered according to the list on the AI website:

1. Syesha Mercado - "Tobacco Road"
She was featured a lot during the auditions. She's got a good voice, but I wasn't impressed with her singing this time around. Her end note sounded way off, and she seemed to be lagging behind the music a bit. I think it was her song choice that caused problems this time around.

2. Ramiele Malubay - "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"
Here's another contestant who was featured heavily during the auditions. She's got a good voice, but overall I didn't like this performance. I guess I just don't like the slower songs. I was bored with the beginning of her performance, but I liked how she picked things up a bit during and after the chorus, and she ended really well. She's good. She's staying.

3. Kristy Lee Cook - "Rescue Me"
Was she the one who kept singing "Amazing Grace" at all her auditions? I can't remember... She did pretty good. At least it was upbeat and she didn't hit any off notes that I could tell. I'm just not a fan of that song.

4. Kady Malloy - "Groovy Kind of Love"
I'm sorry, but all the blondes run together for me. I can't remember who is who. She's got a good voice, but I heard some off notes here and there. Boring song, boring performance.

5. Joanne Borgella - "Say a Little Prayer for You"
I was glad she made it to the finals. She reminds me a little of Mandisa, who I really like. (I love this song; it always reminds me of the dinner table scene from My Best Friend's Wedding.) She started out off-key, but seemed to find her place during the chorus. I think she'll stay around.

6. Carly Smithson - "The Shadow of Your Smile"
I definitely remember her from the auditions. She was one of my favorites and I had a strong feeling she would make it through to the finals. However, I was not impressed with this performance. I hope she sticks around because I know she's got what it takes. She just needs to choose the right song.

7. Brooke White - "Happy Together"
I remember her from the Hollywood auditions - the nanny who was giving up music if she didn't make it through. She's okay. I couldn't help but compare her performance to David Cook's the night before. He did a much better job with this song. At least she picked up the pace a little at the end and finished well. It wasn't an extremely memorable performance, though.

8. Asiah Epperson - "Piece of My Heart"
I really liked her through the auditions. She started out off-key, but found her place pretty quickly. I just like the fact that she picked something upbeat! She doesn't have the best voice, but she's fun, and you've got to be fun to stick around.

9. Amy Davis - "Where the Boys Are"
I don't remember her, and I don't think I'll have to. She was way off at the beginning and continued to hit sour notes all through her song. I think she'll be going home this week.

10. Amanda Overmyer - "Baby Please Don't Go"
As much as I like the rock sound, I don't like her. I never liked her from her first audition. I don't think she has a good voice, and you can't understand half of what she's saying. Please go.

11. Alexandrea Lushington - "Spinning Wheel"
I don't remember her much from the auditions, but I really like her voice. I think she did a great job with this song. I'm glad she danced around instead of standing there like she didn't know what to do with herself. That added a lot to the performance. She's staying.

12. Alaina Whitaker - "More Today than Yesterday"
I don't remember her from the auditions, either. I was a little disappointed that she was repeating another song. (Chikezie sang this Tuesday night.) She did a better job, though. She started off a little rough, but she turned it around pretty quickly and made it fun. I think she'll stay a little longer.

I disagree with Simon. I think the guys did much better. Some of the girls did really well, but only one or two really stand out. I had a harder time picking my top 6 girls. The top 6 guys really leaped out at me.

My favorites (in no particular order - and not solely based on tonight's performances!): Syesha Mercado, Ramiele Malubay, Joanne Borgella, Carly Smithson, Alexandrea Lushington, and Alaina Whitaker. (Of course, this is subject to change.)

My picks to go home: Amy Davis and Kady Malloy. I think Amanda Overmyer has a fan base because she's the "rocker chick" and they won't let her go just yet.

As for previewing Thursday night's winners (or losers) based on the popularity of iTunes downloads, that's not happening. The performances won't be available for download until Friday. I guess I'll just have to wait until then to see who everyone thinks is hot or not.

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