Thursday, February 7, 2008

13 Possibilities for the "Oceanic Six"

The mention of the "Oceanic Six" in last week's episode of Lost got me wondering: Who are they? And why are there only six?

1. Hurley is one of the six. He said so when the police captured him after the car chase. "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six! I'm one of the Oceanic Six."

2. Jack is, too. He talked about still signing autographs every now and then.

3. Kate? I don't think so because she was a fugitive. Wouldn't she have been arrested? She might have been given amnesty, but she killed her stepfather and was an accomplice in a bank robbery.

4. Sawyer? He's a con, so he probably wouldn't want the publicity.

5 & 6. Sun and Jin? They're expecting a baby and, knowing the likelihood of Sun's death if she stays on the island, they probably want desperately to get off. But they wouldn't want the fame of being survivors since they were trying to escaper Sun's Korean mobster father. Since Oceanic 815 was an international flight and had people of all nationalities on board, the news of survivors would have been world-wide.

7. Claire? She has every reason to want to get off the island with baby Aaron. I'd say she's a definite possibility. I wouldn't consider Aaron one of the six because he's an infant and was born on the island. Technically he was aboard the plane, but he wasn't listed on the manifest.

8. Sayid? He was on a mission to find someone when the plane crashed. I don't think he's got anything to lose by staying on the island and everything to gain by getting off it.

9. Locke? Definitely not. He's got some connection to the island, and he's not paralyzed there. Leaving would probably mean he would lose his mobility again.

10 & 11. Rose and Bernard? Like Locke (even though she doesn't like Locke), she feels the island has healed her. She's stated, quite emphatically, that she's not leaving the island. And Bernard isn't going to leave his wife behind.

12 & 13. Michael and Walt? They supposedly left the island in a boat, but who's to trust Ben and the Others? I don't think they'll show up again, though. The time elapsed on the island has only been a few months, while the episodes have been filmed over the last few years. The actor who played Walt would've grown too much for his character to stay consistent. (Thus the "taller ghost Walt" that Locke saw when he was in the pit of death.)

Bonus: 14. Vincent? He's lovable and has nothing to hide, except maybe an occasional bone. :o)

Desmond, Juliet, Danielle, Alex, Carl, and Ben don't qualify since they weren't on the Oceanic flight.

My picks for the "Oceanic Six": Hurley, Jack, Claire, Sayid, and, I guess, Sun, and Jin.


~*~Tamy & the SGT~*~ said...

You're having the same thoughts I did. I don't get ABC so have to watch online later, but amlooking forward to it.

damozel said...

I hear a lot about this show, but have never seen it! You make it sound interesting, but maybe it's a bit late to jump on the LOST train...

My colleague posted some gorgeous photographs of New York:

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Bloggers said...

my son watches this, i never have.

Nicholas said...

I've never seen this show, though I know it has a very big following.