Friday, July 17, 2009

LEGO Store Grand Opening

When Billy and I visited North Park Center last Sunday afternoon, we saw a sign advertising the grand opening of the new LEGO store for this weekend, complete with a Master Builder who, with the help of kids, will build an 8-foot Yoda. The festivities started this morning at 11:00 and will run through Sunday evening at 6:00.

I thought this would be something the boys would really enjoy. They've been excited about the new LEGO store ever since I told them about it and brought them home a catalog a few weeks ago. (The store has been open a few weeks, but this is its "official" grand opening weekend...)

After the boys' dental cleanings, we headed south to the mall for lunch (Panda Express) and LEGO fun. Apparently a few hundred other parents who weren't working today decided to do the same thing. We ate lunch early, thus avoiding crowds. But there was nothing but crowds for the LEGO goings-on.

This is a view from above of the LEGO building area.

After looking things over from above, we decided the line to help with the build wasn't very long. One of the LEGO store employees was attempting to entertain people waiting in line. We heard her telling someone else that the line to build was 30 minutes or less, so we decided that would be okay. We only waited for a short 15 minutes or so before the boys got to the LEGO tables where they were instructed to each build a big block, which helps form Yoda's outer cloak.

Building their blocks.

After they turned in their blocks, they were "rewarded" with a slip of paper to exchange for a signed certificate signifying they had participated with the LEGO Master Builder in a big build. I figured my pictures are certificate enough for us. I don't need any more pieces of paper laying around. They also each got a LEGO catalog, and I got a coupon for $5 off a $35 purchase - good for today only.

We weren't able to get in the store, though, unless we waited in a serpentine line that wound its way back and forth in the center of the mall. Rumor had it that the wait was 2+ hours. No thank you! I should have given the coupon back - or away - because a mere $5 discount is not anywhere close to being enough to entice me to stand in line with two impatient boys for that length of time. If it was for something free, I'd consider it, but I still wouldn't make any promises.

The line to get into the LEGO store had about a 2-hour wait.

The boys were worried that there's always a line to get into the store, but I told them there's not. Billy and I were able to walk right in when we went - on a Sunday afternoon, no less.

Jacob announced he wants to go back tomorrow, but I vetoed that pretty quickly. I explained how there is certain to be an even bigger crowd and a longer wait tomorrow and Sunday because of the number of parents who don't have to work weekends. I can't imagine what the wait will be like tomorrow!

I reassured the boys that we'll go back Tuesday after Caleb's dental work is done so they can actually go into the store and not have to be satisfied with merely looking at a small window display.

Hopefully the giant Yoda will still be on display. I know the boys would love to see it completed.

The Yoda in the center is a 3-foot replica of the big build.

Jacob has been looking through the catalog and counting money from his piggy bank, already planning what he's going to buy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jacob Said

The other day we headed out in the heat to run a few quick errands. The guy on the radio was giving a weather update: "Right now, 100; 80 tonight..."

Jacob asked incredulously, "180 degrees tonight?"


Later as we were heading to a gas station, which had the cheapest I'd seen (at $2.28/gal.), he looked on a hill to our right and said, "Look! There's a golf course."

I chuckled and said, "No, that's a cemetery."

He thought for a few seconds and asked, "What do we do there?"