Friday, December 21, 2007

Best of 2007, Part 2

Now that the year is coming to a close, it's time to look back at all the things we did. Here are the highlights:

January - We hosted a New Year's Day gathering for our friends. Caleb placed 2nd in the HEAD spelling bee. I was my Pampered Chef director's top seller for the previous year so I got my very own special yellow apron with "#1 Sales 2006" embroidered across the top.

February - I took the boys to the zoo for a picnic for Jacob's birthday. . . and one of the chimpanzees threw rocks at us. Billy celebrated his birthday.

March - I pedaled the boys around a pond on our first paddle boat ride. Caleb celebrated his 7th birthday and got his first loose tooth about 2 weeks later. (He lost his fourth one tonight.)

April - We survived some tornadic weather; thankfully we were with friends. Billy went hiking in Hot Springs, AR, with a friend of his.

May - I got a new digital camera for Mother's Day, and I'm still loving it! We took the boys to the Dallas World Aquarium.

June - I got my Blogger account and started blogging a lot more than I had been. (So you'll probably see more highlights for the remaining months. I'm having to rely on old posts to jog my memory...) Billy went to Greece again to photograph more manuscripts. While he was there, we spent some time in LA with family.

July - Billy and I hung out at North Park Center some while the boys were staying a week with his parents. iGot an iPod! I made some jewelry with a pendant Billy brought back for me from Greece. Caleb started swimming lessons.

August - The boys and I rode the DART rail and toured downtown Dallas with some friends. The boys spent a few days with my parents and I was able to do some things on "my list". Homeschooling got off to a good start.

September - I started going to the gym each week. (A typical workout consists of walking a 20-minute mile and working out my upper body, with another 1/2 mile of cool down laps between sets. I was really starting to notice a difference in the way my clothes fit, then the boys and I got sick and I ended up missing out on 4 weeks of workouts. I feel like I'm starting from square one again.) We went to the 51st Annual Greek Food Festival.

October - Billy and I got totally hooked on Lost. I played racquetball again. I took the boys to the Dallas Arboretum.

November - We finally started having cool weather! We got to spend some time with family at Thanksgiving. Caleb learned how to ride on two wheels.

December - Billy took me out for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. We spent an evening with our friends on a hay(less) ride through a Bethlehem tour at their church. Afterward we went out to eat and back to their house to play a new card game. Billy finished up his semester's work a little early. I've enjoyed taking the holidays slowly. (Probably because I was too sick to run around much. It's been fun! - The slowing down, that is.) I helped the boys decorate a gingerbread house. We also made our own Christmas cards to send out. Billy bought me a new nutcracker to add to my collection: a chef.

Still to come - Spending time with family at Christmas!


Josh said...

hi cousin - i'm commenting you on my mac

Aunt Sue said...

What busy (and fun) times you have had!! I love our Christmas card the boys made. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week.

Aunt Sue