Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been a busy little beader.

Billy bought me a pretty silver cross pendant with an amber stone in the center while he was in Greece. Saturday morning we went to my favorite bead store, Rock Barrell, so I could pick out some beads to make a necklace. I intended to get amber beads to match, but they were too large and overpowered the pendant. One of the clerks pulled some small amber beads from behind the counter for me to look at. They were the right size, but too expensive. I had been looking at some small carnelian beads and decided to go with those because of the range of colors in them. It would go with more than what a strictly amber necklace would have. I bought an extra strand of them so I could make a matching watch band.

I planned out my design and found a few larger accent beads to put with the Greek-looking silver bead caps I had bought. I had enough beads left over to make a 3-strand watch band and a choker. The choker is pretty and casual enough to wear with T-shirts; the necklace with the pendant is much dressier. I think I'll wear it to church Sunday with a dark orange shirt and black capris.

I'm feeling inspired!


aunt sue said...

Beautiful pieces. Were you able to do anything with the turquoise necklace?

Ashley said...

Thank you!

I haven't done anything with the turquoise necklace yet, but I have some ideas... The beads in it are beautiful, and I'm wanting to make at least two pieces from it. I wear a lot of tan and chocolate brown in the winter and the dark brown beads are perfect for those colors. I'm wanting to do something in turquoise, black, and silver with the other beads.

I'll be sure to post some pictures of the finished products.

His handmaiden said...

Oh Wow! I love it!! I have a small white-with-black-flecks cross that a friend gave me. I need to put it in/on a you've inspired me!

Mama said...

I love it, Ashley! You did an awesome job with all of it! I think that the carnelian beads was a great choice!