Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Memories: Packing

This time last year, I was too busy to blog much. We had found a house to rent and were getting ready to move into it the first weekend of September. I only blogged once last August. In it I answered a meme, wrote about first grade preparations, and shared the latest in my Pampered Chef business. You can read that post here.

What's Cooking?

Tonight: Tuscan Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta, Garlic Bread
Tuesday: Mushrooms in Garlic Butter Sauce over Angel Hair Pasta, Garlic Bread, Salad
Wednesday: Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday: Garden Veggie Pizza (on that delicious homemade pizza crust I tried last week!)
Friday: fast food
Saturday: leftover pizza
Sunday: Family Fiesta at church - catered by El Fenix, dramatic presentation by Reg Grant (DTS professor), dessert auction

Speaking of Mexican food...

I really miss Trejo's back home. We like El Fenix really well. We've tried two other Mexican restaurants lately, too. Martinez' Mexican Restaurant is good but not great. Enchilada's was good the first time we ate there; we were less than impressed the second time and probably won't go back. I've heard Chuy's is really good, but I haven't been there yet.

But no place is like Trejo's. I really want to go back there again sometime.

Checking my List

I had a few days last week to do some things on my own while the boys stayed with my parents. I actually made a list because last time they were gone, I forgot half of what I wanted to do and ended up missing out. Let's see how I did...

1. I did browse the shops at Tanger Outlet Mall on my way back home, but I didn't find anything. I did get my "Blueberry Chocolates", and they're really good. I think the manufacturer needs to change the description on the back of the package, though. It reads "a huge, tart blueberry..." It's actually a tiny dried blueberry dipped in creamy milk chocolate, then covered with a smooth blueberry-flavored confection. Billy doesn't like blueberries much and, after I read the description on the package, said he wouldn't try it just because of the language. It sounds like something from the J. Peterman catalog (of Seinfeld fame).

2. I waited until Saturday to go to the Rock Barrell. I've been trying to get Mama there for quite some time, and this weekend I finally did. Her eyes lit up when she walked through the door - all the rocks and minerals and fossils. That's just her thing. Melissa and Lindsay went, too. I'm not sure what they were expecting, but they were pleasantly surprised. The three of us bought beads for making necklaces. I helped them make theirs Saturday night, then spent a good part of Sunday afternoon making a necklace, a watchband, and a bracelet for myself in black, turquoise, and silver. Once I finish up with them, I'll post a picture. (I also found a turquoise and brown donut to use when I remake a necklace Aunt Sue gave me. That's my next project.)

3. No golf. No time. Too hot.

4. I loved the gellato from Paciugo at NorthPark Center. After tasting Rose, which was light but a little too sweet, I chose Butter Pecan, Turtle Cheesecake, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Great combination! I think I liked the Chocolate Chocolate Chip best. The lady I had given the Pampered Chef catalog to wasn't there, but there were about a million other people milling around. I kept wondering why in the world there were so many people in the mall, then I saw a sign declaring the tax-free weekend. I don't like crowds and didn't want to feel like a salmon swimming upstream, so I left.

5. There aren't nearly as many antique stores in Forney as I thought there would be. There used to be a long row of them right off Hwy. 80, but as I drove past on my way home from dropping off the boys, I only saw 2 or 3. I didn't feel like stopping then, and I never made it to the one I visited about a year ago.

6. I didn't get around to working in my closet. Maybe tomorrow...

7. I didn't scrapbook, either. I figured that would be something to do after I worked in my closet and found all my stuff.

8. On Friday, Billy took me to lunch at Fadi's. It was just as good as ever! We both got a salad with marinated mushrooms, spinach, and dried cranberries and a serving of their delicious roasted cauliflower. I ate most of my whole wheat pita with some of Billy's hummus. I drank a glass of strawberry juice with my meal. It was really good! I tasted Billy's Magic Drink (with 12 fruits and vegetables in it), and it was really good, too. It had a distinctive flavor that I'm still having trouble identifying.

9. I browsed a few stores, but I didn't buy anything. I was looking for a pair of sandals or cute brown flip flops since the sandals I've been wearing for years are finally tearing up. I saw the same cute pair at a couple of different stores, but I didn't buy them. Maybe I'll go back after payday and see if they've been marked down any.

10. I spent my Barnes & Noble gift card, but I got Red River at Half-Price Books (for half price) and was able to get a different book with my gift card. Our local Barnes & Noble is small and goes by the name of Bookstop. Its parking lot is closed off because of road construction, so you have to go around the long way to get there. As I pulled up to one of many front-row parking spaces, I saw signs in the windows announcing their "Final Closing Sale". Everything was 20% off, with some items marked at 30% off. I found two books for the boys in addition to Build it Big for myself (business-related reading).

11. I didn't wander leisurely through the library. Instead I drove up and stuck my almost-due movies in through the book drop on the side of the building. I never even got around to watching my two movies.

12. Friday morning I was all set to stroll through the Arboretum. I was dressed comfortably, had my camera ready, and was going to be there shortly after it opened for the day. As I backed out of my driveway, raindrops started falling on my windshield. As I drove around the block, the rain started falling harder, so I went back home. I checked the radar and it didn't show anything in the area of the Arboretum, but you never can tell when something's going to pop up, and I didn't want to pay my admission and get rained out. I'll try again another day.

13. I didn't open any school books. I'll get to that this week since we'll be starting school Monday. Yes, I put it off another week. This week is full of various appointments and meetings.

Three fun things I did that weren't on my list:
1. Lunch at Panera Bread on Thursday. I took my book (What's so Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey) and read while I waited for my Portobello & Mozzarella Panini and my Cheddar Broccoli Soup and French Bread to be brought to my table. I enjoyed every last bit! I love Panera!

2. Supper at Romano's Macaroni Grill on Thursday. Billy and I went up to Plano for that since the one a few miles from here closed down. I ate Chicken Toscana Soup and Chicken Canneloni. Both were excellent. Billy's Creamy Tomato Basil Soup with Tortellini was really good, too. (That coming from someone who doesn't like tomato soup!)

3. After supper, we walked through Whole Foods Market, a mostly-organic grocery store. It was fun seeing all the cheeses, olives, granolas, dried fruits and lentils and beans, etc. I was hoping to glimpse Lisa Whelchel (Blaire, The Facts of Life) while I was there, but I didn't. (I've heard she shops there. I met her at a local Lifeway book-signing event she did a year or so ago. Shortly after that I learned she lives in Plano.)

All this has made me tired, and it's late, so I think I'll head off to bed...

Good night!

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Hey Ashley,

How are you? I have been so out of touch from my blog but thinking about getting it going again. We shall see.... How is your business going? I have been working at my husbands accounting firm alot lately. Just wanted to say hello!!!!!!

Blessed Beyond Belief