Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seen and Heard


I took the boys to lunch at McDonald's today since we were out and they've both been doing so well with school. As we stood at the counter and waited and waited and waited for our order to be ready, I noticed something strange on the menu: a single cheeseburger is $0.99; a double cheeseburger is $1.00. What? The extra meat patty and slice of cheese cost just $0.01?


Jacob: "I haven't seen George Washington yet!"
Caleb: "Well, he died before Mom was born."
Just how old do they think I am?

Jacob: "When we go to heaven, will we take our stuff?"
Me: "No, we'll have all new 'stuff' in heaven."
Jacob, sobbing: "I don't want to go to heaven. I want my toys!"

Jacob: "Mom, can we take our van to heaven?"
Me: "No, we won't need it. There won't be any cars there."
Caleb: "What about NASCAR?!?"

Later today...
Jacob, whining: "I want to take Snoopy to heaven with me."
Me: "Well, the man who made Snoopy is there."
Jacob: "But I want my Snoopy!"

Jacob: "Can we take our jammies to heaven?"

A Steel Trap

It amazes me how Caleb is able to retain trivial information (and endless NASCAR stats). While we were at the library today, he reminded me he wanted to check out Scholastic Book of World Records 2007 again. It's been a few months since he last had it, and he pored over every page. The only one I could find on the shelf this time was the 2002 edition, but he wanted it anyway.

As he was reading it on the way home, he remarked, "I wonder how that happened!" When I asked him what he was talking about, he said that in the 2007 book, the Nile River was the longest; in the 2002 book, the Amazon River was the longest. (Or maybe vice versa. I can't remember things quite the way Caleb can!) He proceeded to announce that he wanted to check all the other years for that book so he can find out when it changed and maybe how.

He blows my mind sometimes.


Mama said...

Pops and I laughed and laughed about Jacob's and Caleb's heaven comments! Too funny!

lindsay said...

i cracked up at the comments about heaven!! "WHAT ABOUT NASCAR?!" hahahaha! oooooh goodness!