Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Goals

I read a really good book this year - Eat that Frog!. It's about conquering your procrastination. Funny, I kept it out of the library so long, I ran out of renewals and ended up having to pay a 75-cent overdue fine. I just kept putting off turning it back in. (Actually we were all sick, BUT if I had read it when I first checked it out, I wouldn't have run into that problem...)

Anyway, I was reminded how to make goals that are easier to stick with, ones that have a standard of measurement. Instead of saying I'd like to play my guitar more, I should say that I will play my guitar once a week. I mean playing it once in 2008 will be more than I did in 2007, but big deal! Plus, saying I want to do something doesn't mean I'll actually do it. I want to eat coconut cream pie every day, but I'm not going to do it. So this year, I'm going to set measureable goals instead of vague ones. I probably ought to print out my list and post it where I'll see it daily...

Personal Goals:
1. I will lose 20 pounds by the summer. (I'd like to lose 30-35 by the end of the year.)

2. I will play my guitar for 30 minutes each week.

3. I will read at least 4 books each month.

4. I will complete the SWIM self-study program by April 11.

5. I will host a game night with friends at least twice this year. (Billy and I love to play games, and many evenings we'll play a game after the boys go to bed, but there are some games we have that need more than 2 players.)

6. I will scrapbook at least once a month. (Either paper or digital.)

Business Goals:
7. I will promote to Future Director in my business by May 31. (That would be 2 years to the date since I held my first show.)

8. I will promote to Director by December 31.

9. I will book a minimum of 3 shows each month. (They can be catalog shows or cooking shows.)

That looks like a good list to start with. What are your goals for 2008?

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melissa said...

To get scuba certified and then boil a lobster dinner for Josh, to learn to play my new violin, and to eat more sushi. And by eating more sushi (since I need a standard to measure it by), I mean going out to a sushi restaurant at least once a month with friends and trying new kinds. Josh & I went again Saturday night with a friend & we ordered 3 different kinds... the Dragon Roll is by far the best sushi I've tasted!
Do you like sushi??