Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday #9

I feel like it's been forever since I posted a menu plan - or cooked! Thanksgiving week, I didn't do much since we were going to be gone. The week after I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't cook much. Last week I was still sick, and the boys went to Billy's parents for a few days. While they were gone, we ate out.

Wednesday night we were both still feeling pretty bad, so after dropping our undecorated sugar cookies off at church for the Christmas Festival, we went to Panera for some soup and bread. Thursday night we headed out for Chick-Fil-A, but it was too crowded. We ended up at Schlotsky's, which we usually love, but it wasn't so great this time. Friday night we ate at Posado's. We haven't been there in a really long time, but since we had a $10 coupon, we decided to go. It was better than we had remembered! Saturday we went Christmas shopping at a huge outlet mall in Allen. We got lunch from "The Great Steak and Potato Company" (or something similar). Billy had a chicken teriyaki sandwich and I had a Ham Delight - grilled ham and pineapple. Yum! While we were out shopping at a different mall that afternoon, our friends in McKinney called us up to see if we wanted to go with them to the "Journey to Bethlehem" at their church. After that, we stopped at a local deli for some supper on the way back to their house. Sunday we met Billy's parents and the boys in Tyler at Cracker Barrel for lunch. I think we're all ready for some home cooking now!

I'm having to improvise the first two nights since I didn't go grocery shopping last week and the next few days are supposed to be very cold (40s) and rainy. Here's the plan:

Monday: ham & cheese braid, seasoned fries, pineapple chunks

Tuesday: omelets

Wednesday: red beans & rice, green beans (provided I make it out to the grocery store)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: chicken enchiladas (from the freezer)

Saturday: baked chicken, potatoes with olives and feta (from a Greek cookbook I have), salad

Sunday: sandwiches or take-out (AWANA night)

I'll just switch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday around if I don't make it to the grocery store tomorrow. I'll have to go Wednesday, though. It all depends on the weather... I'm not leaving my cozy, warm house unless I absolutely have to!

For more menu inspiration, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Sandra said...

Great Menu, thanks for sharing :)

Mine is up too!


Billy said...

Its red beans & rice night!!! w00t!!! (I just read that w00t is the word of the year so I had to look it up & use it somewhere :-)