Sunday, December 2, 2007

How sad is this?

Thanks to a wonderful head cold, I can't smell or taste food.

Last night at our small group's gathering, everyone brought appetizers to share. There were taquitos and salsa (which I couldn't taste), a cheesy chicken-artichoke dip (which Billy said was really good), cream cheese with a raspberry-chipotle sauce (which I know is good), boiled shrimp (which I love), and spinach dip (which I took). I sampled everything and tasted nothing.

For dessert, there were mini cheesecake bites (plain, raspberry, and turtle - always good) and sugar cookies (which I made). I ate one of each and tasted nothing.

This is the second day of my smell-less, taste-less existence and it's really depressing. It's hard to enjoy food when it only feels like a blob in my mouth.

I really hope this clears up soon! I miss good taste!

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lindsay said...

december is not a good month to have non-working tastebuds! i hope you can taste stuff soon!