Monday, February 27, 2012

Falling Behind

Last week was really busy with me working on taxes, working on a jewelry order, and taking a fun day to take four boys to the zoo and basketball practice. That left little time for working in the refrigerator/freezer. I know, I know... Excuses, excuses...

Let's just say I took a week off from the organizing challenge and will get back on track this week. In fact, I've already tossed a few things already today. I know of a few more things that need to be trashed, then I'll start wiping down the shelves and drawers.

I did peek ahead at coming challenges, and I saw one for organizing coupons. Since I don't use coupons (for various reasons...), I can skip that week and jump ahead to the next - and be right on track again.

If I'm really good, I might finish last week's challenge and get right onto this week's: organizing recipes and cookbooks. Yes, that definitely needs to be done around here! If it has to wait until next week, though, that's okay too.

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