Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 Favorite Sports to Play or Watch

Today's Ten on Tuesday looks to be challenging... I don't know if I can come up with 10 sports, much less ones that I like to play and/or watch.

1. volleyball
2. racquetball
3. golf
4. softball

5. NHRA drag racing
7. football
8. baseball (in person, not on TV)
9. gymnastics
10. diving

Bonus: Spelling Bee. Hey - it airs on ESPN2, doesn't it?!?

Thankfully the upcoming Olympics gave me some ideas!

What do you like to play? To watch?


Amberleigh said...

yes the olympics coming up held out didn't LOL

lindsay said...

i'm excited for the olympics!! i want to watch the diving & gymnastics on my fancy new tv! if only i had my channels in HD.

lindsay said...

and let me just say that POKER & SPELLING BEES are NOT sports!! table tennis is BARELY a sport! but POKER?! and SPELLING?! um... NO. that's ridiculous!

Ashley said...

Lindsay - But it airs on ESPN2. And have you seen the word lists? There's some real mental gymnastics going on there! :o)

lindsaylep said...

ESPN2 can SURELY find an ACTUAL sport to cover instead of fat men sitting around playing cards & smoking cigars... or bookworm children smelling their pits & yelling out letters! i mean... for it to be a sport, you have to AT LEAST sweat. and from physical exertion... NOT from nerves! mmm-hmmm. that's my two cents!

yeah, i'm sure i use all those forbidden words ALL THE TIME!! haha!! and since i'm not being graded on my writing, i'm not gonna worry over it. i got my college degree!! :)