Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Guilty

Apparently there's a list of 10 Words to Avoid When Writing. I am guilty of using several of them, if not all. After reading the reasons for not using certain words, I felt dumb. (Oops, there's one!) I'll provide the 10 words, but you'll have to read the article to see if you feel bad about making the same mistakes.

1. really (I use this one too much!)
2. you
3. feel (This one, too. In fact, I used it in the above paragraph. Twice.)
4. think
5. as
6. a lot (I use this one a lot often, too. )
7. sort of/kind of
8. like
9. just
10. used to

I thought for certain the over-used "that" would make the list.

I sort of, like, just used to feel like writing this way all the time, but now I'll make a attempt to choose better words so my writing won't seem weak.

HT: Bag of Nothing.

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