Thursday, April 10, 2008

That was totally unexpected.

If you don't yet want to know the results from American Idol, don't read any further.


The bottom three was a surprise: Syesha Mercado (not surprised), Carly Smithson (sort of expected it), and Michael Johns (What?!?!?).

The big shocker: Michael Johns was eliminated. What?!?

He had one of the top performances Tuesday night, probably coming in right behind David Archuleta. The rest of the performances were ho-hum, and while I like Jason Castro, I wasn't impressed with his ukelele-playing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The ukelele makes me think of Tiny Tim, and I don't really like that song very much, either.

I think the judges and the audience were just as shocked as Billy and I were.

All I can say is this: Jennifer Hudson. Clay Aiken. Bo Bice. Elliot Yamin. Chris Daughtry. You don't have to win American Idol to really win. (Is that too cheesy?)


Lindsay said...

that really WAS surprising! i was expecting it to be syesha! i always looked forward to hearing michael johns every week!

PoMonkey said...

I watched it this morning as I was getting ready...and jaw dropped and I froze - for several minutes. I couldn't believe it. WOW! That is so wrong!