Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family is a wonderful thing!

Two weekends ago, while Billy went to New Orleans to watch Dan Wallace debate Bart Erman on the validity of the New Testament, the boys and I headed back home to visit family.

Thursday night was family night, always a fun time. We made homemade pizzas and ordered a few extras from Johnny's Pizza (YUM!) for those who weren't fond of veggie pizza. (Melissa and Lindsay made a barbecue chicken pizza that was wonderful! I'd like to make one for us soon!) Later we had some delicious chocolate cake that Daddy made for Caleb's belated birthday party. I think Caleb was so into opening his presents and playing with them that he never got around to eating any cake...

It stormed most of Friday, so Mama and the boys and I spent most of the day in the house. We played Caleb's new Game of Life, which he had gotten the night before. The weather cleared during the late afternoon, and we took Memaw out to eat at Cracker Barrel that night. After we got home and got the boys ready for bed, we stayed up a while and played Mexican Train dominoes. After the boys went to bed, we watched the previous night's episode of Survivor.

After a lazy Saturday morning, we headed to Aunt Sue and Uncle Don's for an afternoon crawfish boil. Welcome to "The Misadventures of Clawed the Crawfish".

Clawed and two of his buddies, Clawdius and Clawdine, managed to escape from prison. They were really enjoying their freedom - picking clover, hugging shoes, waving at everyone who got in their way. They made friends with just about everyone there. Well, except for the boys, who loved tormenting them with sticks.

Caleb had more fun playing with Clawed's less active relatives, who were relaxing in a cooler after a long steaming bath. I tend to prefer them, too. Jacob didn't want any part of Clawed or his cousins. I don't know if Clawed and his buddies ever made it down to the freedom of the bayou or if they were recaptured and ended up taking a dip in Uncle Don's homemade cocktail sauce instead.

After Eric and Uncle Don finished boiling all the crawfish and corn and potatoes, Uncle Don grilled hot dogs for Memaw and the boys. Then we feasted. At first I wasn't too keen on pulling the heads off my crawfish. (I had no problem with the boiled shrimp - they don't stare at you.) So my kind Daddy sat at a small table with me and pulled the heads off for me. Halfway through, I decided to give it a try. It wasn't so bad!

The boys liked their hot dogs and the corn that hadn't been cooked with all the seasoning. Caleb ate one or two ears, doing his best with some missing front teeth. Jacob ate 4 ears of corn!

When everyone had finally gotten their fill, the boys headed down to the bayou's edge and played in the mud. Eric and Darlene left so Eric could go to work. The rest of us sat around and talked, played on cell phones, and eventually got around to playing a few rounds of Nines. It was nearly 6:00 when we finally headed back home with a load of leftover crawfish in tow.

Melissa, Lindsay, and Josh came over and we ate Garlic Butter Pasta with Crawfish, garlic bread, and salad. Yvonne and her family weren't able to make it because one of their miniature horses foaled and they needed to wait for their vet to come, so Josh took some supper to them later. The boys were really disappointed that they weren't going to get to play with Grayson and Philip anymore.

By the time things wound down and we got the boys to bed and the kitchen cleaned, it was late and we were exhausted. It was great!

Time with family is always great!

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