Thursday, April 17, 2008

13 Things that Make Me Feel Like a Kid Again

It's been a while since I participated in Thursday Thirteen. Now that I'm starting to get back into some sort of normalcy - even if it will only last for a month - I'm trying to catch up on all my blogging. Yeah, I know. I need to add to my recipe blog, too. I will.

So on to 13 things that make me feel like a kid again:

1. blowing bubbles
This is one of my favorite things to do! We have quite a stash of bubble soap under the kitchen cabinet. Maybe I'll blow some more one day next week.

2. riding a carousel
I like to do this whenever we go to the zoo, which I was planning on doing today until rain crept into the forecast. I promised the boys we'd go on the first sunny day next week.

3. making a clover chain
I did this when I was at my parents' house nearly two weeks ago! I made a necklace with it, which really impressed Caleb, so I put it around his neck. I also found a four leaf clover!

4. playing in the sprinkler
I haven't done this in a while. It's high time! Actually there's a sprinkler park in Rockwall (yes, Jason Castro's hometown) that a lot of my friends go to in the spring and summer. I need to take the boys there and play in the water with them.

5. flying a kite
I had a blast doing this yesterday afternoon. I only quit because Jacob wanted me to push him in the swings. I could've kept flying forever.

6. swinging
I usually do this when we go to the park, as long as there aren't many other kids wanting on. I like to swing high and just keep going and going and going. But usually I have to stop and push Jacob a while. I'm trying to teach him to pump his legs, but he'd rather I push.

7. riding a bike
Can't say that I've done this lately, but I think I'm getting a bike for Mother's Day this year. Now that Caleb has a nice bike (which he got for his birthday last month), he loves to ride. Billy bought a bike right before Easter so he can keep up with Caleb. Once Jacob learns to ride, we'll all get to go together.

8. watching cartoons
I'm not much of a fan of the cartoons these days, but when Tom & Jerry or the old Looney Tunes or something from back in my day comes on, it's fun to sit and watch. And laugh. They're still funny.

9. jumping rope
Last school year, when we were part of a homeschool co-op with some other seminary friends, the older girls would jump rope during their P.E. time. They were so good, I didn't want to embarrass myself by joining in, so I just held the rope. They could double-dutch and everything. I probably should've just jumped in there and given it a shot. I need to find a jump rope...

10. blowing dandelions
It's always fun to do, just not in your own yard. You can't imagine the dandelions we've had pop up this spring! It's the wind, not me!

11. popping bubble wrap
Don't you just love to do this?!? The big ones are loud, but the little ones are much more fun. I like to pop them one at a time, then twist them to pop all the left overs when I'm done.

12. coloring
The boys don't like to color much, so we don't have many coloring books around. We do have tons of crayons, though! Maybe I should just do it all freehand.

13. playing hide and seek
The boys love to play this game. You run out of hiding places after a while, but the same old places can be fun if you change things up a bit. When I'm hiding, I always get goosebumps!

Do you remember the childhood game "Colored Eggs"? My sisters were playing it with the boys when we were there and they had the best time. I had completely forgotten about that game! I remember playing it at church a lot. I loved it. Thanks for the memories!


Cindy Swanson said...

Great list, Ashley! Your blog is looking so nice. I still love coloring, swinging, blowing bubbles and popping bubble wrap. I wish I enjoyed jumping rope...that's great exercise!

Danica said...

WHAT is Colored Eggs? I am dying to know!
I love all of these, but i ESPECIALLY love blowing bubbles *in the bathtub.* In a bubble bath! With a bubble wand. Best of all: in a bubble bath, with a bubble machine so I don't have to hyperventilate. Damn: I need to get a new bubble machine so I can relive that dream. I had one but I never dried it off between baths and the bubble solution leaked and corroded it! At least they are only ten dollars... but it is not good for the landfills.

Ashley said...

Colored Eggs is a chase game. One person is "The Big Bad Wolf" and everyone else is an egg. (I don't know why...) The "eggs" huddle and choose individual colors and a family color, then line up along "Home".

Wolf: Knock, knock.

Eggs: Who's there?

W: The Big Bad Wolf!

E: What do you want?

W: Colored eggs!

E: What color?

At this point, the wolf calls out a color. If it's an egg color, that one runs out beyond a specific point and tries to get back to "Home" before the wolf captures it. If no egg color is called, the wolf continues naming colors until someone has to run. If the family color is called, all the eggs must leave run and get back "Home" without being tagged by the wolf. Whoever is tagged becomes the new wolf and new colors are chosen.