Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weigh-In Wednesday #7

I had my good moments and my bad moments with eating last week. I ate a little more junk food than I should have, but when I was being conscientious about my food choices, I did really well. I think one thing that helped me blow it was all the delicious starches from Baker's Ribs. Billy picked up BBQ Saturday evening, so we feasted on smoked chicken and brisket, creamy macaroni & cheese, and dill potato salad. There was also some mediocre cole slaw, dinner rolls, and "condiments" (sliced jalapenos, onions, and dill pickles), but I didn't have any of those.

I also skipped a few days of morning exercises for various reasons, but I've picked them back up this week. I started doing a trouble-spot program, breaking it into upper and lower body for M/F and core for T/T.

Today's mile was 16:30; my later half-mile was 8:20. Sometime during my walk, one of my toenails ripped and bled into my sock. I remember feeling a quick pain, but it didn't last. Maybe that was because the muscles along my shins and in my calves were crying out.

My upper body workout went really well. I kept to my lighter weights/more repetitions routine, and I like it better than straining my muscles to complete one set of heavier weights. I still feel the burn, but it's different. I skipped the lateral raises this week. It's not one of my favorite exercises, and since my longer sets cut a little more into my time (and I'm paying for the boys' childcare), I needed to drop one of the machines.

When I stood on the scales this time, my weight was back up a little: 159.0. I need to work more on eating healthier (and less) this week. My inches have stayed the same.

I'm planning to up the ante over Spring Break. The boys will be gone for the week, so I'll be able to get to the gym twice that week. I'll be interested to see how that impacts things.

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