Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #21

Last week's biscuit cups were really good, but there are a few changes I'll make next time. I hope to get it posted on my recipe blog this week, along with a few other recipes.

Yesterday was busy with Pampered Chef stuff, but now that I've finally finished my monthly newsletter, I can get back to regular blogging - and menu planning.

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Tuscan Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta, salad, garlic bread

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Caleb decided he wanted to go out to eat for his birthday this year. His choice: Panda Express. I know what he wants, too - Mandarin Chicken and Chinese Noodles. (I think we'll all be getting some Mandarin Chicken!) He also decided he'd like me to make some brownies for his "cake" that night.

Friday: sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs, whatever
I have a show scheduled, but not sure what the turnout will be. I'll know more tomorrow night or Thursday.

Saturday: OUT!
Billy's parents will be in town to celebrate Caleb's birthday, so we'll let Caleb pick where he wants to eat. (With some guidance, of course. No McDonald's or Chuck E. Cheese!)

Sunday: ???!
The boys will be going back with Billy's parents for a week, so we'll probably go out to eat that evening.

Next week is spring break and the boys will be out of town, so we'll probably do more going out to eat than eating in. When we do eat in, it'll most likely be sandwiches or something quick.

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Lindsay said...

ooooh... tuscan chicken! i wanna come eat with yall tonight! :)