Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Idol 16: Guys' Round 3

I love 80s music! Of course, those were high school days...

1. Luke Menard - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
Okay, I was a Wham fan back in the 80s. I loved this song then. I wasn't so impressed with this performance, though. While Luke has the high-pitched voice for the song, he just couldn't pull it off. Maybe he should've done some Prince (back when he was only known as Prince).

2. David Archuleta - "Another Day in Paradise"
Wow! He did a great job with the piano tonight. I was never a big fan of this song, but he made it enjoyable. Still, I wish he'd sing something in a different style.

3. Danny Noriega - "Tainted Love"
Love the song, couldn't stand the performance. His voice wasn't right for this. Enough said.

4. David Hernandez - "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"
He did a good job, but he's really not making himself stand out. He's got a good voice, but he needs to take a risk.

5. Michael Johns - "Don't You (Forget about Me)"
I love The Breakfast Club, and I love this song! He did a really good job of it.

6. David Cook - "Hello"
Ooohh. Bad start! But - much better as he got past the first few notes. I love the way he put a totally new twist on a Lionel Richie song! I can definitely overlook the beginning for rest of his great performance!

7. Jason Castro - "Hallelujah"
I just like this guy. I didn't recognize the song at all, but I liked it. He cracked at the end, and I loved the way he grinned when it happened. Overall, it was good. I'm glad he didn't play guitar this time around. He seemed comfortable without it.

8. Chikezie - "(S)he Fills Me Up"
He did a pretty good job, even though his voice cracked. I wasn't sure how he'd do with a Whitney Houston song, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My picks for the top 6 guys: David, David, David, Michael, Jason, and Chikezie.

My picks to go home: Danny Noriega and Luke Menard.

I wonder what the girls will sing...

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