Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weigh-In Wednesday #2

Last week, I decided to go "public" with my weight loss progress with a new weekly post called "Weigh-In Wednesday". In it, I'll detail my workout strategies, my eating plan, and my struggles with them.

I didn't struggle too much with eating last week. I think a big part of that is seeing the numbers come down each week when I stand on the scales. That gives me the motivation to keep on with what I'm doing. I did really well with not eating a lot of sweets, and when the boys had snacks each morning and afternoon, I made choices like a low-fat granola bar, some chips and salsa, or a bowl of Cheerios. I had a few Hershey kisses, but I limited myself to just 2, and I sucked on them to make them last longer. :o)

For lunch today at Wendy's, I had a side salad with honey mustard dressing and a mandarin orange cup. I skipped the chicken nuggets, but I did munch on a few of Caleb's fries. (I have a hard time turning down French fries!) Next time I might try the salad with the nuggets and a low-calorie dressing. I need the protein after working out.

Today's workout went really well. My iPod worked this time, and my "Walk" playlist helped me walk at a really brisk pace. I completed a mile in just under 17 minutes! I went through my upper body weights circuit and added a new exercise: the fly. For my between-circuit laps, I walked 3 laps (.3 miles) in 5 minutes. After going through the circuit once more - and not quite getting all my repetitions in because of muscle exhaustion! - I walked another 4 laps and finished in a little under 7 minutes. All total: 1.7 miles in 29 minutes or less!

These are the tunes on my "Walk" playlist. (Some of them have a little faster beat than I can walk to, but I'm hoping to work up to it. There may be a problem, though, because I'm not that tall (only 5'4") and my stride isn't very long. If I took shorter steps I'd look funny, and I'm not up for jogging just yet.)
I Go to Extremes, Billy Joel
You May Be Right, Billy Joel
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, Billy Joel
My Life, Billy Joel
We Didn't Start the Fire, Billy Joel (I thought of you, Taran.)
What I Want, Daughtry
Redemption, Switchfoot
Reached Down, Todd Agnew
Lay it Down, Todd Agnew
Romans 12:1, Todd Agnew
Where Were You?, Todd Agnew
Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
Tell Her About It, Billy Joel
All Fired Up, Petra
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, Reliant K
More than Fine, Switchfoot
Saved, Third Day
Took My Place, Third Day
I Can Feel It, Third Day
Keep On Shinin',Third Day
The Wonder of It All, Todd Agnew

This week/weekend, I want to focus on developing a workout plan for the days I don't go to the gym, which I'd like to start next week. I've decided to focus on my upper and lower body on MWF and my core on TTS. I'm reading Strength Training for Women (click the link on my "Reading List" sidebar for more info), and it's got some really good information in it. There are also a wide variety of exercise plans for a big range of fitness levels. I'm actually considering buying this book!

I know that if I do more focused exercise than what I get once a week, I should see a slight increase in weight loss, as well as a reshaping of my problem areas. Which brings me to today's weight report: 159.9! I lost another pound!


Smitty76 said...

Wow, that all sounds GREAT! And it makes me realize I need to get my butt in gear and exercise more! LOL

Smitty76 said...

P.S. I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant a few years ago!!!