Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: January 17

So I keep saying I want to try a new recipe, but then I forget to make out the next week's menu until just before I leave for our errands and grocery trip. After I get home and am putting things away, I realize I did it again. Or rather didn't do it again. So this week, we will not be trying anything new. Again. Right now, while I'm thinking about it, I need to go ahead and put down something new for next week's menu and start my grocery list... (I'm trying it out for a few weeks instead of my usual iPhone shopping list. I just don't like having to waste paper for this...)

baked rotini

hot dogs (basketball practice)

pork chop casserole (onions, potatoes, and carrots)
steamed broccoli

blackened tilapia
roasted cauliflower
carrot orzo


sandwiches/hot dogs/leftovers (home team night)

sandwiches/hot dogs/cereal (AWANA night)

As I look back over my menu, I see we are having two "sort-of" new things. The pork chop casserole is Mama's recipe, which I've made before, but it's been several years. I'm not sure if the boys will like it or not...

The second "new" thing is roasted cauliflower. I tried making it once before, but it was from my own thoughts on how it should be - and it wasn't great. This time I have a recipe to follow! I'm sooooo hoping it will be like the roasted cauliflower I've had at both Fadi's and Ali Baba's (local Mediterranean restaurants).

If they're hits, I'll add the recipes to my recipe blog.

Friday, January 21 -
Well, duh! The carrot orzo was another new recipe, one I clipped from a magazine a few months ago. I ended up with three new recipes after all!

All three were big hits with the family. I especially loved the roasted cauliflower - and it
did turn out restaurant quality!

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The Professor's Wife said...

I want to try roasted cauliflower too!

Ashley said...

Click on the link to get the recipe. I can't wait to try it myself! I'll let you know what I think of it.