Friday, September 26, 2008

We're Finally Going!

After living here for 5 years, we're finally going to the Texas State Fair! (I wonder what the boys will think about Big Tex. He talks!)

I was curious about what all there will be to see and do, so I spent a while this evening browsing the state fair website. One thing the boys will love is the auto show, complete with classic cars, new releases, and concept cars. There's even a place where kids can drive their own kid-sized vehicles on a track. It's going to be hard to pull Caleb away from this!

Some other things I found were a giant sandbox - right up Jacob's alley; livestock exhibits, complete with milking demos; frisbee-catching dog demos; arts and crafts competitions; cooking contests; and free food to sample.

Then there's the food for purchase. There are some strange interesting foods on the list this year, including Country Fried Bacon, Fried Banana Splits, Deep-Fried Smores, etc. Is there some rule that says all fair fare must be fried? Thankfully the Baylor Cardiac Rehabilitation Center isn't too far from the fairgrounds. I wonder if they'll have a salad booth anywhere...


larsita said...

FUN! When are yall going?! I think I went several years ago... to a Jennifer Knapp concert. But maybe it was just at the fairgrounds, but not during the fair? I don't remember there being lots of rides & exhibits when I was there.

aunt sue said...

How was the fair? Uncle Don used to go when he was a young boy living in Dallas. He has told me about Big Tex.

Love to all.

Ashley said...

I guess in my excitement, I was a little premature. We won't be going until next Thursday. :o) I'll definitely post an entry about what we did there. Caleb knows about the auto show and can't wait for it. Oh, and Billy will be taking at least part of the day off so he can see some of it with us.

Benjie said...

I hope the boys enjoy Big Tex. As a native Texan, I always loved to go just to listen to him talk. Tragically, his mouth is so big that he can't do multi-syllable words very well. It was always fun to go on the day designated as "Waxahachie Day". His welcome came out "Wocks - - - - a - hatch - - - - - ee day . . ."

Have fun. (I found you via Taran over at Coffeespoons)