Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 Simple Things that Make Me Happy

This week's Ten on Tuesday will be easy! And please note the key word simple.

1. gentle breezes
2. flying kites
3. blowing bubbles
4. listening to windchimes
5. reading (blogs, books, magazines, my Bible)
6. dark chocolate
7. bright blue skies
8. leisurely walks
9. soothing music
10. the laughter of my family
11. sunsets
12. ice cream
13. hot soup on a cold night
14. scented candles
15. kaleidoscope patterns
16. playing games
17. talking with friends
18. scented lotions
19. warm sun (not hot)
20. snowflakes (that don't stay for days)
21. hugs
22. purring cats

Oh, did I do too many? I told you this would be easy - and I could keep on going...

What are some simple things that make you happy? (I won't limit you to just 10.)

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