Thursday, September 25, 2008

Handy Little Gadget

I've really enjoyed having my iPhone - playing games, having internet access, keeping a shopping list, updating my calendar, taking quick pictures, getting on Facebook, etc.

Yesterday afternoon the boys and I were at KidsQuest Park with some friends. Not long after we got there, the older boys (Caleb, Jacob, Noah, and Jonah) had found some nailed boards on the ground and were dragging it around. Chrissy and I both yelled for them to stop, and I went to get it from them and move it to a safer place. I recognized it as a part of the wall from the ship maze. There were several nails sticking out of it, and when I looked up, I saw where it had come from. About 6 inches above my head, there was a gap in the wall. Imagine if a kid fell from there!

I half-carried, half-dragged the heavy piece of wall to a safer place near a fence and a tree, then pulled out my iPhone and looked up the phone number for Mesquite Parks and Recreation. I reported to the lady on the other end where we were, what we had found, and how dangerous it was. She thanked me for notifying them and said they would send someone out to check on it. I had hoped someone would come immediately, at least to take the boards away and put caution tape along the gap, but when we left shortly after 5:00, no one had been by. Maybe someone will go by early this morning before the kids at the church school next door to the park go over for recess today.

I have a new appreciation for my iPhone now. If I hadn't been able to report the danger immediately, I might have forgotten about it until it was too late for someone else.


larsita said...

I need an iPhone!

Taran said...


I would DEEPLY appreciate any ammunition you could give me to convinced Kadie to let me get one. I still have some major convincing to do. May I quote you as saying "The iPhone has truly and deeply enriched my life as nothing else ever has before."?

Ashley said...

Lindsay - Sorry you have to wait so long until you can actually get one...

Taran - Most certainly you can quote me as saying that! :o) Another high point: It has kept me more organized. For example, I can have my calendar alert me at a set time before an appointment, and I can set an alarm to remind me to do something that I typically forget to do until it's too late (ie. make a dentist appointment for the boys).

I'm sure Billy can give you some more ammo to add to your arsenal! Good luck!