Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a Keeper!

Last night's Apple-Maple Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sammies were pretty good, and I even had to improvise:

I had a medium Gala apple instead of a small Macintosh.

The lid of my pure maple syrup was stuck shut, and it had sugared in the bottle. (I don't know how old it was.) I substituted regular pancake syrup.

I thought I had plain old poultry seasoning but I didn't, so I used Old Bay Seasoning instead.

I had bought regular-sized English muffins instead of jumbos, which was fine because they were very filling. Billy took the last one for breakfast this morning.

My recipe printout was folded before the end of the ingredient list, so I forgot I needed eggs for scrambling. Luckily I had 4 in the 'fridge (instead of the 8 the recipe called for). Jacob eats two scrambled eggs by themselves, so we split it all the best we could.

Caleb doesn't like sausage, but he loved this. Jacob, on the other hand, loves sausage, but wouldn't even try it. (I think he was turned off from it when he saw me mixing it all up in the bowl.)

Maybe next time I'll read everything - and check my ingredients - more closely. I bet it "really" tastes even better than what I came up with!

Oh, and I found a good combination for a grilled cheese sandwich tonight: sharp cheddar and pepper jack on Mrs. Baird's "Harvest Selects Honey 7 Grain Recipe" bread. Mmmmm. The boys had a Totino's 3 Meat Pizza. Not quite as good as my sandwich, though... :o)

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