Monday, September 20, 2010

My 10-Year-Old Encyclopedia

That's my Caleb. He loves to read fact books - almanacs, record books, etc., and not so much just straight informational nonfiction. He has surprised me a few times lately by telling me something he read that pertains to what we're studying. Last time I asked him, "How'd you know that?", he responded with, "Well, I read a lot!"

We're studying whales in science right now. Today we were reading about blow holes and whale spouts and such. He chimed in with, "I read once that some whales have two blow holes." I never knew that and wondered if he remembered correctly. As we continued reading in our textbook, it said that baleen whales (blue, gray, humpback, etc.) have two blow holes; toothed whales (orcas, dolphins, sperm whales, etc.) have just one. Too cool! And kudos to Caleb for remembering something like that! He's got a mind like a steel trap sometimes.

I think we might turn this into an opportunity to learn further, if we can. He's learning how to research topics, and since Friday is our library day, I just might have him look up something on whale blow holes and see what is the purpose of having two. Knowing him, he won't think of this as drudgery. He's already noticed the row of World Book Encyclopedias on the shelf next to his favorite fact books and has gone so far as to look through one or two.

Tomorrow during our review (before we continue on with the day's lesson), I think I'll ask him why he thinks some whales need two blow holes. Then I'll suggest we spend a few minutes looking into it when we go to the library this week. I can't wait to find out why myself!

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