Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mistaken Identity?

Last night after we got home from the barbecue, I was putting something in the sink and noticed a wiggly tail behind a bowl that was soaking. Not wanting to scare the boys, I quietly told Billy there was something moving in the sink. The boys must have sensed something was up because they were trying to watch Billy instead of going to their room to get ready for bed. I walked them out and left Billy cautiously approaching the sink to see what was there.

A few minutes later, he came back to the boys' room with a gecko in a jar. Since we haven't seen any (definite) signs of a mouse since Tuesday morning, we figured Caleb must have seen the gecko running around the playroom bookshelf instead of a mouse. We tried to convince Caleb of that, told him that since he was thinking about mice he probably thought he saw one when he saw the gecko running by. He's not accepting that explanation. He still adamantly insists that he saw a mouse, not a gecko.

After we all watched the gecko for a while, Billy and the boys went outside and set it free in the bushes. I hope that's the last critter I see in the house for a long time. The only one that belongs is that old, lazy fraidy-cat.

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