Thursday, May 22, 2008

13 Favorite Pampered Chef® Products

I'm always needing an idea for the Thursday Thirteen. For a while, I thought it would be easier since T13 had started using themes each week, but that only lasted for about 3 weeks. I'm still wondering what happened with that...

A few weeks ago, I came across another T13 post about favorite kitchen gadgets, including some products from Pampered Chef®. I've got tons of Pampered Chef® products that I absolutely love - so much so that I became a consultant! - so I figured that would be a great T13 post. Now I just have to narrow them down to 13...

1. stoneware

2. Executive Cookware (nonstick!)

3. Cookware Protectors

4. bamboo spatula (and spoons)

5. Garlic Press

6. Food Chopper

7. Easy Read Measure Cups

8. Stainless Mixing Bowls

9. Classic and Small Batter Bowls

10. Egg Slicer Plus

11. Smooth-Edge Can Opener

12. Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

13. Santoku Knife

I could go on and on! There are so many other products - and spices and seasonings - that I love. Maybe I'll have a part 2 next week...


Ivette said...

Happy TT! I'm not much for cooking because I leave that to my mom and grandma who are the best cooks in the family, but those are some interesting Pampered Chef® Products that makes me wish I could cook.

Hope to see you at my 2nd edition about Nora Roberts at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

britton said...

I saw this blog when you left a comment on my blog (I'm Jennifer [Baines] Kilpatrick's husband. I guess it's more Jenn's blog, since she writes most of the posts...) I just had to comment on your choices. The best PC purchase I've ever made is the Santoku Knife. I would recommend it to anyone who likes using a big, super-sharp knife. I use it almost exclusively. I haven't used all of the others in your list, but I use my garlic press and Santoku knife constantly! If you ever have a really good sale on the Santoku let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I couldn't help but sharing my thoughts on this post since I LOVE PC. My very favorite PC Products are definitely the stoneware especially the stoneware bar pan (small & medium). I love the batter bowls. I love the easy read measure cups. I use my mini serving spatulas all the time. The original scrapers are awesome. And we love our Santoku knife. I should sell this stuff, Ha Ha!!! Can't wait for part 2!!!
Blessed Beyond Belief