Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tinsel Town

I've got some sort of 8-legged creature that runs rampant in the boys' playroom every night. For about 2 weeks now, every morning when I walk in there, I see a rather large silk trail running randomly across the carpet. I've never seen that before, and I'm scared to see how big the spider is that's doing it!

I thought it would stop after Billy sprayed for bugs a few days ago, but it's been there every morning regardless.

I don't think the boys have noticed it. At least they haven't said anything to me about it. I considered mentioning it to them so they would get busy and get their toys picked up, but I thought that would probably have the opposite effect. They would refuse to even set toe in the room. So I've kept it to myself.

Last night after the boys went to bed, I picked up the few stray toys that hadn't made it to their proper places. Then I got out my big can of bug spray and went crazy spraying all over the carpet and rug where I had seen the spider's trail.

I haven't been in there yet this morning. I've been kind of scared of what I might find: either a dead tarantula or another silk trail. Maybe I've seen too many scary movies in my life (I'm not a fan of them by any means!), but I'm having fears of a horrendous spider hunting me down in the middle of the night, seeking revenge for trying to poison it.

I guess I better put on my brave face and peek around the corner. I've glanced that direction from the living room, but all appears well from that vantage point. But that's also not the main range of my uninvited guest.

Note: That is not my uninvited guest in the picture! It's one from the bug building at the zoo.

Update: I ventured in behind the boys and saw no dead spider. I did see its trail again, but it seemed to be confined to the areas I didn't spray well. I'll spray again tonight and maybe it'll be forced to leave!

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