Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Memories

This time last year I was blogging about some of my favorite games. What are some of yours?

Day 5 of Fever

Caleb is still running fever today. It was close to 101 when we got up this morning. He woke up shortly before 7:00 from a bad dream, but he can't remember what it was about. He coughed all night, too, keeping up both up until after 2:30. Jacob had a good night's sleep, even though he woke up early.

I think it's going to be a long day. At least my house is clean and all I have to really do today is wash one load of clothes and unpack the things I didn't get to yesterday (almost everything).

I've got 25 minutes before I can start calling the doctor's office to get an appointment, so I'll get the boys ready to go in hopes that we'll get in early.

I'll update more when I find something out. In the meantime, if you think about it, please pray that he'll be better soon.

Update: Caleb has walking pneumonia. We've had to switch antibiotics as well as cough remedies. He's now taking Biaxin and Children's Mucinex. We're homebound until Wednesday, with the exception of picking Billy up from the airport tomorrow night.

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