Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Memories

Sometimes it's fun to go back and read old posts. Over the course of a year, you forget what you were doing, thinking, writing. I'm hoping to use Mondays for looking back at last year.

I'd like to look back two, three, and four years ago, but those posts are lost. I do know that four years ago I started blogging because we were preparing to move to Texas for Billy to attend seminary. Since we were going to be far from our families, I thought it would be nice to update them on our lives through a blog. My sisters were already blogging and loving it, and I really enjoyed reading their posts. Once I got started, I was hooked!

Last year around this time, the boys and I had just returned from spending time in Louisiana with family - which is what we're getting ready to do this week. How timely! You can read Hello, again. here, on my old LiveJournal blog.

I was also writing about 10 Favorite Childhood Toys, from a Ten on Tuesday meme I like to participate in from time to time.

What memories do you have to share from a year ago or longer?

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