Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back to Normal

Billy got back home from Greece Tuesday night. After several flight delays, some due to the bad weather here in Dallas, his plane finally made it in around 10:00 p.m. They were stuck on the plane another half-hour while they waited for an available gate to open up. I think all the delayed flights arrived fairly closely and slowed things down a lot. After waiting around to get everything taken care of, we headed home after midnight and arrived home at 1:00 a.m. The boys were exhausted and fell right into bed when we got home.

I was concerned about Caleb having a setback in his recovery since I was having to get him out in the wet weather, but the rain had stopped on the way to the airport and didn't start back up until well after we had left. Inside the airport was really cold, and he and Jacob were in their pajamas. Caleb huddled next to me to stay warm. Every time I felt his head, he felt feverish. I took his temperature when we got home and it was 101.

Jacob slept in until 11:15 a.m.; I woke Caleb up at 11:45. (He had a coughing spell around 7:00 a.m., but after drinking a little water, he went back to sleep.) When I felt his head, it felt cool. He was thrilled when I took his temperature and it read 98.6! I checked it periodically throughout the day and the highest it ever got was 99.4, not really considered a fever. He was more playful than he had been in several days, and his appetite seemed to pick up a little.

Today I'll be taking him to the eye doctor. When his pediatrician checked his vision at his last well-check, he recommended taking him in because his vision was 20/70. I called in early May to get an appointment, and late June was the earliest I could get him in! I'm glad I didn't have to reschedule because that would probably put him getting in there in late July or early August. We'll find out today if he'll need glasses. He's kind of excited about it. Thankfully, kids don't make fun of each other about glasses anymore. At least not like they used to. Plus, he has some friends at church who wear glasses, so it's not like it'll be traumatic. Not like it was for me in second grade... I remember crying because I had to get glasses and I thought I would be ugly... Now I wear glasses all the time, and I like them.

Yes, things are back to normal. I like normal!

Update: Speaking of normal, Caleb's vision is fine and he doesn't need glasses. The doctor said he's bordering on nearsightedness and should be checked again in 6 months, but for now everything's okay. Caleb liked his trip there, with the exception of having his eyes dilated.

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