Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not a Spider?

Billy suggested that our intruder may be a lizard of some sort, which, for some strange reason, seems worse to me than a spider.

After thinking about it, he may be right. The trail it leaves behind isn't sticky and disintegrates when I touched it, like maybe it had been slimy (Ugh!) and dried out.

If it is a lizard, I may need to fire my cat. She's obviously not doing her job! It may be because she's old (nearly 15) and lazy, but I still see her run and jump and play from time to time. I think she's actually scared of it. She's no cat; she's a chicken!


Taran said...

Do cats get to collect unemployment after they are fired??

Ashley said...

Well, my cat will continue to receive her daily food and water allowances, as well as regular pettings and litter box cleanings. Maybe I should call it forced retirement?

His handmaiden said...

Hey Ashley,
When we were in Louisiana we would get snails in our house and they leave a shiny trail on the floor. Is there a door or something they could be getting in? I sprinkled tons of Kosher salt (the big crystals) but any openings to the outdoors.

But I agree.....UGH!!!