Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: May 9

Last night, my next-door neighbor sent over a paper sack with a few big handfuls of serrano peppers inside. I've never cooked with them, only jalapenos, but I did read that they're hotter. I have a plan to work some of them into one of our meals this week, but I want to do something different with the others... I'm thinking about stuffing some with mozzarella cheese, coating them with Panko bread crumbs, and baking them until they're tender. Kind of like jalapeno poppers, but smaller and hotter. Am I asking for trouble on this? :o)

This week will be easy since we'll be heading out to see family for the weekend: two nights of cooking, one night of leftovers, and one night of whatever you can find. :o)

new recipe! Szechwan Chicken Fried Rice w/ Peanuts

Tony Chachere's Dirty Rice
steamed broccoli

Yeah, I didn't get around to this over the weekend...

Chicken Enchiladas (from the freezer) with a fresh-made cheesy serrano sour cream sauce
mac & cheese or hot dogs for the boys


We'll probably grab a bite to eat on the way out.

We'll be having our belated Mother's Day weekend with Billy's and my parents at a cookout. And my sister Melissa and her friend Stacy will be cooking us a Caramel Apple Crisp over coals in a Dutch oven for dessert. Yum!

sandwich night - After a day of traveling, I'm not going to feel like cooking. At all.

Now I need to get to work planning next week's menu so I'll be ready for Friday's grocery shopping. I have a few ideas...

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