Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - October 25

Okay, I'm a few days late on this. I'm also a few meals short. Last weekend's bad weather led us to cancel our planned grilling night. Thankfully I hadn't thawed out the meat yet! But since I had already done my grocery shopping and didn't feel like getting out again, I'm making do with what we have on hand.

Genghis Grill - We had another coupon for two free kids' meals with the purchase of one adult meal, and Billy had accumulated enough "punches" on his card for one more free meal. With our water to drink (since their soft drink prices are outrageously high), the four of us ate for the price of one! Score!

Biscuits & Jelly
Not creative, I know, but after our long day of flu shots, getting glasses for Caleb, finding Halloween costumes, and other things, I didn't have the desire to do anything more than that. I didn't even feel like microwaving precooked sausage patties...

Even though the boys and I are taking a field trip to Cici's Pizza this Friday, it's necessary to make pizza this week. I bought mushrooms to saute with onions for our steak Saturday night, so now I have to find something to do with them. I have pizza sauce, cheese, onions, peppers, and the ingredients for dough, so I might as well use them up. Unfortunately we're slap out of black olives. :o(

Lasagna, homemade Italian bread, salad
Well, this was planned for at least! A friend of mine from church had spinal fusion surgery and our class is supplying them with food for a few weeks. I'll be splitting my lasagna in two and taking half to them on Friday.


sandwiches/hot dogs
This is our final night to host the home team for our LOTR series. Since I'll be busy preparing the evening's snacks (taters!), supper will have to be quick and easy.

We'll be at church for our annual Harvest Festival, so we'll probably pick something up while we're out. Otherwise we'll just have a quick sandwich when we get home.

So, it's a blah week around here as far as food is concerned. I have several things on my list that I'd like to make before long. Maybe I can get them all worked in over the next two weeks.

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