Thursday, October 9, 2008


While at the gym yesterday, I decided I'd give running another shot. I haven't run by choice (except as part of a team sport like softball) since I was on the high school track team my junior year. (I quit my senior year because the coach had me training for long distance running and I didn't like it.) The one exception to that was when I attempted to run a lap around the 0.1-mile track 3 months ago, and I didn't fare so well...

I was considering giving it another shot as I walked my first laps around the track. During my second round of laps around the track, I decided to just do it. (And I wasn't even wearing Nikes...) I changed my iPod tunes from the more upbeat songs by Third Day and Switchfoot to something by Josh Groban, then I started into a slow run. I was determined to make it one whole lap.

Surprisingly, the Josh Groban tune I was listening to was also a little fast for my run. (I wasn't going that slow. He does sing a few more upbeat songs.) Still I slowed my pace enough to be sure I could last to my mark. I made it!

It wasn't bad, and it's something I think I'm going to start doing more of. (Big surprise!) Next week, I'll try two laps. Not in a row, of course. I'll run one during my first round of laps, workout a bit, then run another one during my second round of laps. Eventually I'd like to work up to running every other lap. Oh, and next week, I'm going to listen to some Norah Jones when I run.


Keith McGee said...

GOOD JOB! You really have to take it slow at first.

Anonymous said...

Your mama won't let me run. She gets upset and starts fussing at me! But it surely feels good every now and then. - Love you, -daddy-