Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Subtle Changes

I've been going to the gym regularly for over a year now, except for a brief hiatus over the busy summer. When I first started, I took things easy. Then in January of this year, I decided to take things up a notch. I started following a more intense workout program, focusing mainly on my upper body, with some brisk walking mixed in. The pounds started falling off at a rate of one a week. Feeling a little too confident in that, I became less diligent about what I was eating, and the pounds crept back on...

Once my summer "break" was over, I started in again, but this time I made a few more changes. Instead of focusing on weight training on my upper body, I started working in some lower body weights. Instead of following the same circuit on the weights, I began varying my routine. (They say that keeps the muscles more fit, not "anticipating" the same exercises at the same time...) I didn't focus so much on walking a mile in 17 minutes or so. I added running to my regimen and now run two laps (not consecutive ones) during each workout. Next week I think I'll run three. It's been nice, actually.

I haven't been too sure of the progress I've been making lately. I weigh in each Wednesday after my workout, but the numbers don't change that much. (I know part of it is still battling my eating habits.) Some people have mentioned that I look like I've lost some weight, but I can't really tell.

Two weeks ago, the weather was cool enough for me to need blue jeans for our afternoon errands instead of my usual capris. I hadn't tried on my jeans since sometime last spring, and I didn't have time to try them on before heading to work out. I stuffed them in my gym bag and hoped I wouldn't end up having to wear my workout clothes all day. The moment of truth came. I fit easily into my jeans! They were comfortable, not too tight, but not baggy either. Yes!

This morning I noticed something else. I usually wear some capri-length workout pants and a baggy T-shirt to the gym, but today I needed to wear longer pants. I pulled out a pair that had been a little on the snug side ever since I bought them (without trying them on first...). I decided I'd give them a shot and if they didn't feel right, I'd pull out my larger pair. They fit! Better than they've ever fit! I guess working out my lower body and the running are helping after all! Yes! That inspires me to try to do a little more.

Hmmm. I still have my jeans from a size ago hanging in my closet. I wonder if I'll be able to get back into them before too long...

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Anonymous said...

Yea! That's wonderful! I thought when I saw you a few weeks ago that you looked like you had lost some weight, but I can't remember if I mentioned it to you or not.