Friday, November 9, 2007


from the "Underzone" at the Dallas Zoo

Snakes scare me to death. I usually hyperventilate when I happen upon one, which isn't very often - thank goodness!

Taran, do you remember our college mission trip to Memphis? You and I were teamed up to canvas one part of a neighborhood. As we were walking along the sidewalk, I bent over to look at a small stick lying in our path. (Why?!? I have no idea!) Only it wasn't a stick; it was a baby snake. I started hyperventilating, but calmed down once we were past it. When we made our return trip, you had me stay back while you walked ahead to see if it was still there. Once you found it, you told me to cross the street. Thankfully the rest of our walk back to the church was uneventful.

I've managed to overcome some of my fear of snakes. I can actually look at them when I go to the zoo now. And I touched one this spring when the boys and I went with my mom and Seth to their local zoo. Caleb and Jacob went right up and touched it; I had to work up to it, and I probably won't do it again. (It was surprisingly soft, though.) I think my mom touched it, too, but Seth wouldn't.

European Glass Lizard, Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo, Monroe, LA

Lizards are supposed to have legs, and this one had none. To me, that's a snake! It looks kind of happy, doesn't it?

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Taran said...


I remember the trip of course, but the snake story is a little blurry. Lots of crazy things happened on that trip. I remember well you and Blirm, Ginger, Lori and others going.

What fun !!!! (Too bad it was almost TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!)

Mama said...

He DOES look all smiley doesn't he?