Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting It Together!

I'm excited about participating in The Vintage Apple's "Oh, How Pinteresting!" weekly meme! Each Wednesday (yes, I'm a day late...), you share some interesting things you've found on Pinterest. If you're not a member of Pinterest, you need to request an invitation. If you leave me your email address with your request, I'll send you one!

Each week on Pinterest, I find all sorts of random things that I post to various boards. Here, though, I don't want to be random about the things I've found; I want to categorize them. Since one of my goals this year is to get organized, I thought that would be a great place to start with my first "Oh, How Pinteresting!" post.

Here are some great organizational tools I've found that I've pinned to my "Getting It Together" board:

I'm actually working on this one right now, with colors to match my bedroom. I also want to make a coordinating to-do list to hang next to it.

In my quest for organization, I found several website links on how to break that overwhelming task into smaller, more manageable jobs.

If you want to get things done in just 21 days, here's a great site that takes you through 20 daunting tasks each day, with a "your choice" day at the end.

If you have a bigger challenge ahead of you, check out this one - my personal favorite. This blogger not only assigns tasks for each week, but she breaks each one down into manageable steps, giving advice on how to proceed.

If you'd rather go out on your own and decide what needs to be done where each week, this one provides you with guidance.

If you need baby steps, this site provides downloadable calendars for each month with one thing to accomplish each day. Some are fairly simple (toss out expired skin care products; declutter candles); some are more labor-intensive (sort through pictures and get rid of/give away duplicates; throw out the junk in your junk drawer); and others are just plain fun (take a nap; dance in your living room - yeah, these are the Sunday items).

What organization tips/tools have you found on Pinterest? Share them in my comments section - and leave your Pinterest ID name so I can check out your boards!

Next week's "Pinteresting" things: health and fitness (in conjunction with another one of my goals for the year).


Miranda said...

I'm liking your idea of adding a theme to each week's Pinterest post. LOVE the framed dry-erase calender! Here's the link to my Organization board if you want to check it out. There's not a lot on it, but some interesting ideas!


Ashley said...

Thanks, Miranda! I figured since I organize my pins onto boards, why not organize my posts the same way? And I figure it won't be a big deal to repeat themes since I'll have new pins to share for them. I'll definitely check out your boards!