Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: February 21

Last week's Pepperoncini Roast was a huge hit with Billy and me. The boys, not so much. Still, it's definitely something I'll make in the future. Since it was mainly Billy and me eating it, we managed 4 meals from the one 3 lb. roast!

This week I'll be making up another recipe based on something we're wanting to eat, but I haven't taken the time to look up a recipe for it...

cheese quesadillas
I needed something quick and easy, as the afternoon was...not good. I'll post about that another time...

sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffins
I'll have bacon on mine in an effort to cut some fat from my diet, but still have a little meaty goodness.

Fiesta Nacho Casserole
This is what I don't have a recipe for, but I do have ingredients for something like this. I hope it's good! After enjoying typical cheesy nachos at a sports arena, we decided we want fancier nachos at home...

fried rice - without a mix this time!
crab rangoon
mini pork egg rolls
ALDI had Chinese food items on sale last week...

leftover buffet

chicken & sausage gumbo

leftover gumbo for lunch
sandwiches for supper (after we get home from AWANA)

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