Monday, April 19, 2010

Exodus 4:1-17

...continuing my "Journey Through the Bible - Old Testament" that our church offered for personal study.

Exodus 4:1-17

God is speaking to Moses at the burning bush. Moses is worried that the Israelite elders won't believe he is speaking for God, so God gives him 3 signs to perform to convince them. Moses then gives an excuse why he shouldn't be the one to do it, but God reassures him that He will be with him. Moses then asks God to send someone else, but God tells him he will do it with His and Aaron's help.

God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, but Moses felt he was a poor choice and gave God many excuses why he couldn't do the job. God knew Moses' abilities and promised to lead him. He didn't let Moses off the hook.

When God chooses us to do something for Him, He will give us all we need to do His will. We are to trust that He is sovereign over our lives and not argue for what is more comfortable for us.


Verse 14 says, "Then the LORD became angry with Moses..." I think I'd be frustrated with Moses if he kept giving me one excuse after another to get out of doing something. I know I get angry with the boys when they whine and complain and argue about something I've told them to do. When I tell them to do something, I expect them to do it - and do it now.

But how do I respond when God wants me to do something? Do I not listen? Do I whine and complain about how hard it is or how uncomfortable it would make me? Do I try to argue why I shouldn't do it? Sure, I do. God is trying to stretch me to fill the place He has set aside for me, but I just want to stay the same, to stay comfortable in my own little world. I don't want to be bothered with something outside of my "normal".

I need to remember that God knows better than I do what I'm capable of doing. After all, He's the one who created me. Just as He promised Moses that He'd be with him, God has made those same promises to all His children. He's going to be with me as I do what He wants me to do. It's when I go my own way that I fail and feel miserably alone and inadequate. Yes, He's still with me, but He's letting me learn my lesson and reap the consequences of my disobedience. And just like I don't let my boys' whining and complaining change my decision, God doesn't accept my "no", either.


My Prayer
Lord, thank you for forgiving me when I repeatedly make excuses for not doing what You would have me to do. Thank you for creating me to do wonderful things for You. Help me to discern Your will and to separate it from my own, and please give me the encouragement I need to carry out what You have required of me.

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