Thursday, January 22, 2009


Back in late September, Caleb went in to his GI specialist for a check-up. At the end of the appointment, the doctor told us to make an appointment for sometime in January. As we checked out, the receptionist put us down for today, Jan. 22, and handed me a card.

As I was cleaning out my purse a few weeks ago, I ran across that card - and another one for the same doctor from January a year ago. One was dated Jan. 22, 2008; the other, Jan. 23, 2008. I wasn't sure which card was the right one since they both had the same year, so I called the office to check. The receptionist told me it was for Thursday, Jan. 22 at 3:30 p.m. I marked it in my Day Timer and on iCal.

Today, Thursday, Jan. 22, 3:25 p.m. The receptionist didn't have Caleb down for an appointment. She asked which doctor, and when I told her she said this is his procedure day and he wasn't in the office. She checked their calendar and didn't find Caleb at all. The doctor is going to be working out of the Plano office for the next three weeks, so we won't be going back until Monday, Feb. 9 at 3:15 p.m.

Not only did I waste time driving to North Dallas and back for nothing, I wasted my gas and $1 for the parking garage for the 10 minutes we were there. Not that the drive was that far or $1 is much money. It's just the principle of the thing!


Anonymous said...

OK ... THAT would make me mad!!!!!!!!! Kuddos to you for keeping your cool! :-)


Anonymous said...

I just hate it when that happens. My (and your) time and resources are just as valuable to me (and you) as the doctor's time and resources are to him. I know mistakes happen, but it's still aggravating.

Love you...