Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Goals Revisited

Every year I set some goals I'd like to achieve over the course of the next 12 months. Last year, in an attempt to be more measurable with my goals, I made them more specific, complete with deadlines. Let's see how I did...

Personal Goals:
1. I will lose 20 pounds by the summer. (I'd like to lose 30-35 by the end of the year.)

Okay, THAT didn't happen. I lost 7 pounds by late February, but once I fell into The Trap, they came right back on. Thankfully I've maintained a fairly even weight this year instead of gaining.

2. I will play my guitar for 30 minutes each week.

This happened maybe the first two weeks of the year, and once more much later in the year. I even moved my guitar case into the living room so I'd see it and get back to playing. Didn't happen. I guess I need to move it back to my closet now.

3. I will read at least 4 books each month.

This might have happened up until fall. I did read a lot, and I was even keeping track of them on a list for a while. Then I got busy with other things... Still, reading is one of my favorite pastimes and it's easy for me to pick up a book and lose myself.

4. I will complete the SWIM self-study program by April 11.

Yes! I completed the self-study program. I can't remember the date, but I did finish reading all 16 books and their summaries, as well as the four required service projects.

5. I will host a game night with friends at least twice this year. (Billy and I love to play games, and many evenings we'll play a game after the boys go to bed, but there are some games we have that need more than 2 players.)

This didn't happen at all. Life got busy in March and didn't slow down until July. After that, I just didn't think about it. Well, I did think about it every once and a while, but not in time to plan anything.

6. I will scrapbook at least once a month. (Either paper or digital.)

That only happened in December when I was working on the scrapbooks for my parents and my in-laws. I worked on those things for three days!

Business Goals:
7. I will promote to Future Director in my business by May 31. (That would be 2 years to the date since I held my first show.)

I didn't even get a recruit, and you need two to become a Future Director. I'm not strong in this area and need to work on it a lot more.

8. I will promote to Director by December 31.

Well, since I didn't make it to Future Director, I definitely didn't promote to Director.

9. I will book a minimum of 3 shows each month. (They can be catalog shows or cooking shows.)

I only held 19 shows this year to last year's 24. The busyness from March through July kept me from booking many cooking shows. Thankfully I had enough catalog shows going on to keep me afloat until I could get back to "normal".

Of my nine goals for the year, only one was achieved. I'm just glad I did that one!

Now it's time to start thinking of some goals for 2009. A few will remain the same; others will change. I'll post my new list in a day or so.

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