Friday, July 1, 2011

On Wearing Shoes

When we're in our house, we don't wear shoes. There are several reasons for that. Mostly it's because we don't want to track in all the grossness from outside and spread it around our floors. Another reason would be the wear and tear they do on the carpet. It's inconvenient to put them on when I'm just staying inside. Also, it's just more comfortable to walk around in socks or bare feet.

I don't expect other people to take their shoes off when they come in my house, but if they feel comfortable enough to do that, I definitely don't mind. When I go into someone else's home, I follow their lead. If they're shoeless, I'll most likely slip mine off. If they're wearing shoes, I'll most likely keep mine on. If I'm with family, they almost always come off. It's that comfortable feeling again.

Yesterday, however, I was reminded (again) of why I do need to put on shoes when I'm working out. They do a good job of absorbing the shock from jumping jacks, jumping rope, high knees, and butt kicks (Jillian's terms). They also help out with balance when I'm standing on one leg, doing lunges, etc. Probably most importantly, they protect my feet from injury. I must've landed wrong yesterday when I was doing my Jillian workout. In bare feet. I feel bruised underneath/on the side of my little toe on my right foot. It's not swollen or visibly bruised, but it hurts. And I know if I had been wearing shoes during my workout, like I'm supposed to do, I wouldn't be complaining about that today.

I'll continue going barefoot in my house - or with socks on when the weather is cold - but from now on, when I'm preparing to do any sort of exercise, I will stop and take the little bit of time necessary to put on socks and shoes.

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